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Suffering from a brain tumour, drawings and comics was this client main outlet. Resulting in a large amount of artwork he wished to promote to tell people about his story and experiences. Working on this site was a massive pleasure and the website is stunning to look at, and even features a shop for you to buy the full comics.

Gordon Shaw Website
The Press Office Website

The press office

PR and Marketing is key to any business, and if you are offering that as a service then having a good website to advertise your services is vital. Due to the bespoke nature of the service, there was not a lot of written content we could use, however strategic use of visuals meant the website was still eye catching and encouraged visitors to enquire to learn more.


Voluntary organisations are always a pleasure to work with, and being an organisation centred around comic-based work meant they had loads of artwork for us to use. This allowed us to be very creative with the colours and theme of the site, producing a very vibrant and wonderful platform for them to promote their content and to fundraise through the sale of event tickets.

LDComics Website
Vision Commerce Website

vision commerce

Some clients are happy to make edit themselves, with this project we were tasked with building the framework and design of the site. Once our work was done the site was handed over to the client for them to fill it in with their images and copy at their leisure. Due to the amount of content they wished to display, careful planning of the framework was key to this site.

wallis eates

Another artist who is a part of the LDComics team, they needed a place to display their work and promote themselves. The end result ensured that even at a glance you could see the variety in their work and made you keen to explore and learn more.

Wallis Eates Website
New Levels Coaching Website

new levels coaching

This was a new site build for a client which offers online running coaching. Lead conversion was a major factor in this site and we needed to make sure there were plenty of opportunities on the site to convert clients. This build was very straight forward as the client provided excellent photos and content to be added into the site.

victoria goodman

A local artist was after a simple and easy to maintain website to display their artwork, sell prints and advertise their upcoming events. Our build fit the bill perfectly.

Victoria Goodman Website
Confident Voice Website

confident voice

This website focused on voice coaching and presentation, due to the nature of this it was more of a challenge as the client had very few images of their work. After a couple of revisions, we managed to find the perfect layout for the client and their business, ensuring the site was a great fit for them.


One of our proudest projects to date. This site was experiencing multiple severe issues while under rather light traffic, we heavily optimised the website, setup a new server and streamlined the site to allow it to run quickly and smoothly.

Footybuff Website