Why WordPress is the Smart Choice Over Wix and Other Site Builders: A Comprehensive Guide to the Benefits

WordPress is an outstanding platform for building websites and it has overtaken other site builders like Wix or Shopify. One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is that you have full control over your website design, functionality, and content, compared to site builders that limit your creativity and control.

WordPress is an open-source content management system that is available to everyone to use for free, and it has a huge community of developers contributing to its functionality with new themes, plugins, and updates. The platform is customizable and user-friendly, so you can easily modify it to suit your requirements and preferences. Its flexibility allows you to add new features, customize the design, and extend the functionality with plugins.

Conversely, site builders like Wix or Shopify have closed source systems, and though they ensure that you can easily create a site, they limit what you can do with the site. They offer pre-made templates with features that cannot be altered. This means that your site cannot be fully customized, and you will have only a limited feature set compared to WordPress. Furthermore, you cannot simply switch to another site builder when you feel that your current one is not meeting your requirements.

WordPress offers you full control over your website’s content and management. You can easily create custom post types, add new pages, and revoke access to users who no longer need to administer your website. You can also use a range of plugins for your website’s security, such as iThemes or WordFence. You can install backup plugins like Updraft or Snapshot to back up your data regularly. This means that you will not depend on a particular company to support your website, as you can hire a web designer or developer if you need specific changes or customizations.

In contrast, site builders tie you into their network, and without their platform, you could lose access to your website after payment, and that could mean losing all your website content, customers, and fundamental design. Most DIY site builders or drag-and-drop site builders do not offer easy migration options, so the data cannot be moved from their platform to other platforms in case you want to move. This results in vendor lock-in, and you remain dependent on their tools.

WordPress hosting is more flexible, and you have a vast range of options to host your site with different hosting providers. You can select from shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS, or dedicated hosting. Additionally, with the wide variety of plugins for caching and optimization like W3 Total Cache or Yoast, you can easily improve your site’s speed and lower bounce rates, which results in improved search engine rankings.

In summary, it is clear that WordPress has numerous advantages over site builders such as Wix or Shopify. As aforementioned, WordPress enables you to have full control over your website design, customizations, and functionalities. And because it operates on an open-source code, it is flexible, customizable, and allows new developers to contribute to its functionality without charges. Besides, it enables you to have complete control over your website content and management, offers numerous security and backup options, and supports simple migration options with different hosting providers.

Instead of entrusting your website to a site builder who limits you to only using their tools, WordPress allows you to decide who makes changes and updates. Start your WordPress journey today and be in control of your website’s future.


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