The Grandparent Hub

This was a large website project, the site was built from scratch in wordpress. The site features a forum, multiple blog categories, events and a structured email setup on the backend. The site is designed for Grandparents who look after children to help advise on ideas, recipes and days out.

Mesh Talent

This was a website build from scratch for a recruitment agency, the logo and color scheme was designed by a 3rd party arranged by the client. Site includes a fully functional job search with the potential for extra features to be added.

Hello! And welcome to Farnes IT

Morning everyone. Or afternoon or evening. Whatever the time of day it is when you’re reading this, we just wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves at Farnes IT. Now, we know what you’re thinking. “What is this Farnes IT all about?” We’re here to tell you. We provide modern IT for modern businesses.…

Wedding Venues Near Me

This is ongoing maintenance work on a Wedding Directory. The bulk of the work has been to improve its SEO, by removing over three thousand broken links and over 30 thousand follow links which were dramatically impacting the sites SEO performance.

Vici Life

Vici Life is a website selling premium watches, the owner wished to have a subscription system for people to receive watches on a regular basis. My job was to setup the subscription system, customise it heavily using javascript to fit the needs to the client and then integrate it into the website and ensure it…

Green Acorn

The client on this website was getting frustrated over a bug in the visual composer plugin, which meant certain crucial elements weren’t appearing. I went into the website and resolved the issue within 30 minutes and advised the client on what the issue was and how to avoid it in future. Aswell as other tips…